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The process.

Hurt, deeply hurt, betrayed, trashed. Counting days, to be finally over it! put my heart and soul to it, only to be crushed I am picking up the pieces, juggling happiness and sadness, reducing the frequency of the thoughts, slowly but surely, like sinking in an abyss. I know it’ll finally be over, and whenContinue reading “The process.”

Hiking in the woods

On a Friday night, we went dancing, before then we thought, tommorrow will be sunny (according the forecast). It’s November in Saxony, Germany and sunny days are rare, hiking! Bright idea! So a hiking spot was looked up and it was a plan. This is where I have to tell you that as a youngContinue reading “Hiking in the woods”


angels, they do exist, i convinced us that I’m one truth is, I’m the villain and it’s not my fault, it just happens, so take it as a warning, because if you come too close, you’ll inevitably be burned.

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